Monday, January 31, 2011

The Linden Tree

I first fell in love with the linden tree when I was in high school.  I stayed with a family in Grasse (Southern France), which is considered the perfume capital of the world.  I visited Fragonard, which is the perfumery most associated with Grasse.  You can take a tour of their factory and see how perfumes and soaps were made centuries ago.

I was sniffing and sampling left and right, but it was the linden scent that really stood out.  It's sweet, but light, ethereal and pure.  In Provence, in the summertime, the scent of linden can be caught   wafting through the air.  Inhaling the warm perfumed air just made me feel happy to be alive.  Since then, whenever I see linden scented items (mostly soap), I snatch them up.  Of course, I now have so many linden products, I have to give them away as gifts.  But I have noticed that many people (at least in the US) don't know the scent of linden.  So I'm happy to spread the joy.

If you are ever in Provence, I urge you to check out the perfumeries and learn about all the flowers that have been native to the area for centuries.

Check out this gorgeous site:
Love L'Occitane too!

Top Left: Budding linden tree
Top Right: L'Occitane Linden Marseille Soap
Bottom Left: Musée du Parfum 
Bottom Right: Olive Leaf Stencils "Budding Linden Branch" wall stencil.


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  1. How beautiful! I am not familiar with the scent of linden, but will definitely be looking out for it now! Thanks for sharing!