Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Skull and Crossbones Birthday Cake for a 5-year-old Girl!

One of my favorite stencil projects was making a pastry stencil for a little girl's birthday cake.  Her name is Walker, and she turned five this past November.  It was great because when I asked her what she wanted on her cake, I was expecting her to say butterflies, flowers, or hearts.  Instead, she exclaimed, "Skeletons!"  She chose skulls with crossbones and I was thrilled to make them for her.

So I frosted the cake, then laid the stencils down and sprinkled black sugar over them.  It worked perfectly. Then, as a contrast to the rather morbid look of the skulls, I did hot pink piping around the edges.  Then came the pirate-esque writing in pink.  How cool is that!?

I also did face painting at her birthday party.  She asked to be a skeleton!  Haha!  She had this girly pink and black party dress, and then this sinister skull face.  I think some of her friends' parents were slightly frightened... But she matched the cake perfectly!  Then we all danced and sang along to Lady Gaga's Poker Face (Walker's favorite song).  Best birthday party ever!

There are so many fun uses for stencils.  I love it!

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